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Avia chooses to specialize in high-quality and niche products for knitting and weaving. 

Avia’s products are all manufactured in Italy with a selection of natural and artificial raw fibers. We’re particularly keen on using innovative materials, especially those characterized by their environmental compatibility, use of unique processes, and aesthetic and voluminous effects.


Avia supports the “handmade” tradition by choosing only the best raw materials, such as 100% wool to mixed mohair, alpaca, and noble fiber blends, and cotton, linens, and silks for warmer seasons.

Using new specific technologies, we can create infinite combinations of colors and effects that produce truly exceptional results.

Hand knitting

TessPE_3 copia 2.jpg

Our weaving yarns are available in a wide range of medium-high level fancy yarns, in natural and artificial fibers, and in a vast range of colors.  

Most of the articles are offered with stock service.


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